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About StonedOne Apparel

StonedOne Apparel Limited was created and established in 2016 by Private Citizen Stoney Williams of Austin, Texas.

The necessity for this brand was born from the quest to provide an outlet to express his many gifts, talents, and illuminated thoughts. So if you feel the need to express yourself as a deity among Gods, a light for others to see, and hand to help those in need... we call this "The State of One's Higher Conscious".

With 20 plus years in the industry creating brand new images, procuring new products, brand label building, as well as being an advertising and promotions consultant for other companies, the decision was made to set out on his own path to greatness.  

You won't just be captivated by the beauty of the models, nor the statement of them participating in everyone's favorite "420" past time, but the fact that each and every one of them have a Private Right to reach "The State of One's Higher Conscious" by whatever way they choose. 

At, ours just happens to be a plant that was put here on earth to heal, enlighten, protect, feed and nourish... not to mention the body's receptors are specifically designed for receiving it's many benefits.

Welcome to "The State of One's Higher Conscious"